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(SOLD OUT) Natural Dye Workshop with Millroad Studio


Experience the fun and creativity of playing with dyes made from nature and walk away with a beautiful fabric only you could have created. But, to be fair, our workshops are so much more than the final product. The magic happens within the process because when you give yourself time to play, you’ll tap into something deep inside you. Throughout the session, you’ll connect with others and get your hands dirty. You’ll experiment with Shibori folds and witness how the dye reacts with different fabrics. And you’ll learn to look at your neighborhood with new eyes by extracting color from local trees and plants. All students will receive sample swatches and two silk handkerchiefs. There will be an opportunity to purchase additional materials if you want to make more. Quantities are limited so reserve them in advance.

About the Artist

I’m a Marin County-based interior designer who fell in love with the world of natural dyes and recently launched my own line of hand-crafted home goods. Natural dye is something I've been dabbling with, both alone and with friends, and it's affected me in ways I could never imagine. It’s fun, interesting and peaceful, and I've been finding new ways to showcase my creations. And that's why I've turned this passion project of mind into creative workshops that I can share with women of all ages, specifically to those who don't have the time or allow themselves to play. When you dye these fabrics alone, its meditative. When done with others, it's uplifting. The more you play, the cooler the results. Failure doesn't exist. Every piece I've seen has been beautiful, and there's so many more to make.

- Lisa Tornello, Millroad Studio