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Return to Creative Waters: Paper Marbling and Reflecting Workshop with Kelly Laughlin


Creativity and inspiration are all around us; each person is capable of incredible, creative things. In this class, we’ll explore discover (or return to) your creative core as we practice the centuries-old process of suminagashi, or Japanese paper marbling.

Drawing from the creative waters, we’ll work with water and ink, and relinquish our sense of control as we go with the flow. Translated loosely as spilled ink, suminagashi is characterized by delicate tendrils of colorful inks and swirling patterns which sit on top of the water's surface. Breath, brush, or tool are used to move the ink. Paper is set onto the water, resulting in carefully crafted organic designs. Steady your breath with your making, come into presence with your surroundings as inspiration, and discover a sense of calm and ease.

We’ll begin class with a grounding exercise, introduction, and discussion as we get to know each other in the space. We’ll explore the history and context of the process, review materials, and provide ample free time for exploring with colors and shapes. As papers dry, we’ll reflect on your time and what insights may have been revealed, building community through conversation.

For anyone who feels as though artistic practices are out of reach, this class is for you. For anyone who is an artist, designer, or creator, for anyone who wants to connect with others over conversation and learning a new skill, this class is for you, too. For anyone who is a person in the world exploring a more creatively infused life, this class is perfect for you. Through ink, breath, and movement, we’ll make beautiful paper, engage in meaningful dialogue, and reflect on the courage it takes to allow ourselves to play.

All class materials will be provided. You’ll receive a variety of papers and a folder to carry papers home in. You’ll also receive a one of a kind, hand marbled, mini notebook for notetaking and reflecting. Light snacks, beverages, and refreshments will be served.



Kelly Laughlin is a multidisciplinary artist and educator from Baltimore, MD, who works primarily in paper marbling and bookbinding. She believes that within each and every person there is inherent creative potential and that through practices of movement, mindfulness, making, and reflection, each person can learn to access these innate gifts. Through her work as artist and yoga teacher, she seeks to infuse a sense of play, support, and confidence into each of her classes. Kelly is also the founder of Odette Press, a studio that focuses on lovingly crafted specialty papers, books, and stationery, created with the intention to support self discovery and healing through the act of writing.