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5 Steps to a Successful, Stand-out Brand with Olea & Fig

Branding should be simple.

Imagine the confident feeling of running a business with a clear direction, knowing that you got the right marketing message and owning a brand other people dream of.

We want to invite all solopreneurs, creative businesses, and passion brands to this exciting and fruitful day of learning, connecting, and bonding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or having been in the business for a couple years now. If you want to grow your business and passion to the next level, stop running another “me-too” business, and learn from other like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs, you’ll enjoy what we’ve planned and designed for you!

After this workshop you will:

  • learn what branding means for small businesses, in plain English

  • know the biggest secret behind what makes people buy

  • have the 7-Steps to building an effective brand

  • know the number one thing people demand from businesses today

  • know how to maintain a cohesive style with the least amount of time

  • have meaningful relationships with more people like you, who value community, growth, and intentional approach to living

We believe that, as humans, we learn by lifting others. And this is exactly why we’re here. Join us on this day filled with meaningful conversations and connections with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs.

A light lunch will be provided.


Annie Chang is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director. She co-founded Olea & Fig to provide busy, time-starved creative entrepreneurs and businesses effective branding tools and simple strategies, so they can grow a stand-out business and live a quality and flexible lifestyle.

Annie believes in the power of intention, community and empathy, and that these fuel quality businesses that are created to make a difference. After spending nearly a decade working in marketing and business development for startups in the tech industry, Annie knows what truly drives growth - it's not the typical marketing gimmick. It's about using the right tools, simple actionable strategies to connect with people, build relationships, and serve with intention.